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Test standards

Quality rates high: Starting with material receiving and first sample inspections through to the final acceptance of the finished goods.


According to customer demands the manufacturing parts are checked of residual magnetism by special machines before or/and during the production process.


In-process inspections contain recurrent measurements of the manufactured components. The results gets recorded and counterchecked by a second employee. Furthermore a mobile 3D-measuring arm is able to support the inspections. Specially trained inspectors are available as local contacts in the production departments.


A final check-up by a 3D coordinate measuring machine in an air-conditioned measuring room ensures the high quality level.


Firedamp proof components and devices execute static pressure tests.


Customized measurement and first sample reports are a matter of course for LIDU. Beyond we work together with different certifying bodies and own restamping certificates.


Our tool for quality management offers a digital interface to our customers. This way we can clear potential dimensional deviations or special approvals quickly with the relevant quality departments.


In reason for the continuous process improvement we use 8D reports.


The dimensional accuracy of our machines gets proved with the Renishaw Ballbar-system QC10 and a natural hard stone square in the size of 800 x 600 mm.