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Since more than 30 years LIDU cooperates with track construction companies in the rework of tamping units.


Disassembly, measuring and on time reconstruction are based on the detailed know-how and experience of our engineers and craftsmen.


As a skillful specialist LIDU reworks different components:


Our capacities also allow the rework of high-safety-relevant parts like brake systems. Of course we possess the authorization certificate for the welding of railway vehicles and components according to DIN EN 15085 CL1.


The rework starts with detailed maintenances, where attached parts like tamping arms, swivel bearings or piston rods are brought to their original dimensions. Wearing parts (bushings, pins, axes, piston rods, covers, etc.) get renewed. Finally the assembly, finish and completion of the different components follow. Intermediate trial runs are an integral part of that process.


Our offer contains the delivery of replacement parts.