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Since 2007 LIDU owns multifunctional turning-drilling-milling centers of WFL Millturn Technologies.


Multiple tasks (turning/ drilling/ milling) on one machine: The WFL M120 and WFL M40G combine the skills of a classic turning machine with those of a five-axis machining center.


The WFL M120 counts to the premium class of multifunctional centers. With 90 kW on the main spindle and 55 kW on the milling spindle the machine is able to handle work pieces up to a length of 3.000 mm and an outer diameter of 1.200 mm.


The WFL M40G is competent to treat components up to a length of 3.000 mm and an outer diameter of 520 mm. A counter spindle allows even rear-sided machining procedures.


In addition to the classic processing methods turning, milling and drilling, the machines master a wide further production spectrum like circular-, rotary-, five axis-, cam- and crankpin-milling, B-axis-turning, grinding and deep hole drilling. 


The machines include a “disk-tool-magazine” that offers space for at least 100 system tools, which are partly prolongable with the system rod of a “pick-up-magazine”. For example this is useful for the internal machining of long hollow workpieces. An additional “In-process-measuring-system” offers the possibilities of a measure machine, an integrated “crash-guard” ensures a secure work process.