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Comprehensible, customized and on the spot: LIDU documents the results of quality inspections always very carefully.


According to customer needs LIDU precedes documentations as a classic dimension record (company standard) or due to individual requirements. This way we are possible to create specific cover sheets or to use particular submissions.


LIDU archives all operational services in-house. The products are always assignable to the corresponding batches and 3.1 certificates.


To monitor the quality level, our employees keep records during the whole production process. Furthermore our 3D measuring machine authors dimension records.


Our customers receive certificates concerning the results of the static pressure tests of firedamp proof components and devices.


Optional we complete residual magnetism reports.


As a matter of course we’ve got qualifications for the welding of steel structures according to DIN 18800-7 as well as different restamping certificates. Moreover we cooperate with various certifying bodies.